Tips to start misting system before summer Don’t get caught unprepared

Tips to start your misting systemThe winter season is leaving space for summer heat and as usual, for years, the misting systems MGF will be useful to reduce the temperature on your gardens, terraces and porch, to remove mosquitoes and annoying insects in general.

Before the ‘”emergency heat” catches us unprepared, we provide you with some valuable advice to assure you that nebulizers are perfectly efficient in due time.



1. Check that the oil level is correct, looking at the transparent oil level that is on the pump head.
2. If the oil has not been changed recently, do it to ensure proper lubrication to the misting pump and replace it with new oil (recommended Art. 790050 – Oil for MGF misting pump 500mL | Art. 790051 – Oil for MGF misting pump 5L).
How to visually check if the oil has been changed? Simply if it loses its original color and if it becomes black, it means that the misting pump has been working for many hours since the last oil change. If it was white, it means that it is emulsified with water, and then you have to change, in addition to oil, also the gasket kit. Contact us for more information.
3. Filters: check that the input filters are clean, if necessary replace the filter cartridges. A clean filter ensures an adequate water supply to your misting system, a compared to a dirty one. A pump run without water gets loud, and doesn’t ensure adequate pressure to misting nozzles.
4. Clean the engine and the pump housing to ensure a proper heat transfer and prevent the pump from an extreme overheating while it provides the high-pressure to each fog nozzle.
5. Turn on the pump, if it is not able to pressurize and if there are no leaks, you may need to clean the discharge valves (especially if the pump has not been emptied in autumn). To clean the misting pump valves, simply unscrew the hex plug, extract the valve body and blow out the valve with compressed air. Sealants are not required to reassemble everything.


If the piping system has not been properly drained and dried last autumn, it is advisable to purge and wash with disinfectant. To avoid a following misting of unhealthy water:
1. Unscrew the last misting nozzle
2. Turn on the pump and let the water flow out
3. Input the disinfectant ((recommended Art. 793001 – Disinfecting Sanitizing 5L) and let it act for an appropriate time depending on the product used. Do not use acids, or chemicals which aren’t suitable for components of the system or for the environment.
4. Cleanse with clean water
5. Reassemble the misting nozzle


nozzle-for-misting-aisi316If the spray nozzles haven’t been removed, may have become soiled and clogged. Symptoms of this problem include: dripping water while the pump is turned off, the mist is scarcely thin or absent.
To restore the proper functioning of spray nozzles, before buying new ones, proceed as follows:

1. Unscrew the misting nozzle, without using any plier

2. Unscrew the nozzle head from anti dripping valve body

3. Clean the drip valve housing, if you use solvents or acids, make sure they are compatible with the material of the nozzle, and rinse carefully before reassembling the spring with the ball

4. Dip the head in an acid solution for descaling, then act mechanically and blow with compressed air. Rinse at the end

5. Reassemble the spray nozzle and put it again on the misting line.


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