Checks & maintenance on misting system before winter. Prepare for cold

The winter season is almost upon us. For customers who use the misting cooling mode,  to cool outdoor environments using the cool mist, it is time to prepare the installation for the winter season.

Winter closure misting systemThe checks you are performing will preserve the system components from damage due to frost, and you’ll find the system working perfectly for the summer season.


1. Clean the pump’s finned surfaces of the motor, eliminating the dust and dirt, to restore the heat exchange capabilities of the motor, before the dirt is difficult to remove.
2. Extraordinary maintenance may be required. In this season the availability of spare parts is certainly higher than the summer season, look at user manual for further instructions.
3. Filters: check that the input filters are clean, if necessary  replace the filter cartridges. A clean filter ensures adequate supply of water to your sprinkler system, a dirty doesn’t. In addition, an empty filter can not freeze.
4. Disconnect the water supply by emptying the pipes exposed to freezing. Turn on the pump to release the water inside, then inject a small amount of antifreeze in order to preserve pump seals.


  1. Unscrew the last misting nozzle
  2. Empty the pipe, maybe blowing air
  3. Install nozzle plugs and put the nozzles inside a water and winegar solution, to remove limestone. You’ll find clean nozzles for the new season.

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