water mist antincendioWatermist systems are growing recenty and are based on fine misting through high pressure, from 80 bar to 140 bar, to get a compact fog with droplets diameter between 50 and 120 micron (μm).

Water mist systems combine the advantages coming from liquid estinguishers to that coming from diffusing gases, besides they aren’t damaging people and things, thus reducing risks and costs when the fire is estinguished.

Fog is able to fight the fire acting in three different directions:

  • by cooling the flame and smokes, bringing temperature to a level under combustion temperature.
  • reducing locally the oxygen available for combustion, by water evaporation, vapour is taking space available to oxygen, soffocating the fire
  • heat transmission reduction, thanks to fog cooling effect. This reduces the self combustion and damages connected to heat propagation during fire.

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