AX pump for misting- The heart of your system is more generous


Ax pumps are the right solution to be integrated in medium small misting systems where it is necessary to conciliate professional features and an elegant design,easy to use and reduced price.

Today realizing a professional misting system is convenient and the result is secured in time thanks to the choice of components and to professional finishing. Spray has never been so easy and affordable.

Main features

  • Elegant Italian design that remains during years with stainless steel chassis, polished
  • Digital pressure sensor for monitoring included, complete AX range easy to use
  • Ceramic pistons to obtain a low friction and less wear of the seals, compared to stainless steel pistons
  • Brass head for more resistance to high pressure and corrosion, compared to aluminium pumps.
  • The best technology has never been so affordable
  • Big external filter: quick and simple check
  • Anti-vibrating studs in rubber:Very silent 
  • Button switch and motor thermal protection: easy to use 

Pompa-atomizzatrice-acqua-nebulizzare-mgf-axThis pump is the best solution for all  mobile and semi-mobile istallations, where it is necessary to reduce the costs of the product keeping the same level of reliability of high quality pumps.

Ceramic pistons

Brass head

Welded steel structure

Stainless steel chassis, polished

AX pump for misting- The heart of your system is more generous

Technical Features

AX misting pumps keep the same MGF quality  and with them you can realize a misting system in a few minutes,thanks to the integrated filter and the feed valve included.

Tension:230 V ~ 50 Hz  1ph 
Max pressure:70 bar 
Supply pressure:da 1 a 8 bar 
Weight:  16,00 kg 
Dimensions: 375 x 270 x 240 mm 

AX pumps models

Misting AX pumps range is complete for the needs of all the bars and most of the farms, thanks to the extended range from 0,3 to 3L/min it is possible to control with only one pump from 1 to 18 fans.

Art.ModelPowerNozzles 15umS400 FanS650 Fan
909751Pompa AX da 0,3 a 1 L/min0,7 KW6 – 202 – 61 – 3
909752Pompa AX da 1 a 2 L/min0,8 KW20 – 40 6 – 123 – 6
909753Pompa AX da 1,5 a 3 L/min0,9 KW30 – 609 – 185 – 10

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