You can choose full optional at a crazy price w/ PCI Misting Pumps MGF

PCI: a misting pump from MGF with controllerMGF offers a complete pump with electronic control, iControl, at an attractive price thanks to the engineering process and the economies of scale achieved.

The PCI pumps range includes 5 models with flow rates from 1 to 8 L / min, perfect to meet the needs of cooling and humidification, from the small restaurant to the big farm.

Thanks to iControl, MGF PCI pumps are able to elevate the user experience at a level never achieved until now. In fact, without any additional wiring, the user can check the inlet pressure and working pressure on the iControl display, let the pump running safely, certain that it will stop in case of missing water. Thus avoiding expensive repairs. An hour counting system is informing him when oil change is necessary. So all the time can be employed to enjoy the fresh coming from the fog coming from nozzles.

The available functions enable you to control heat index, humidity and allow advanced timing functions.

Each pump is supplied in elegant casing made ​​of aluminum powder coated, inside which are made all the wiring. Connection to full featured pressure, humidity and temperature controller “iControl” is made with a RJ45 plug, so no wiring is required to installer !

With PCI you can afford a “full-optional” pump at extremely low costs, comparable to the basic models of our competitors. All this thanks to the high degree of industrialization of the MGF manufacturing system.

The range offered includes in addition to the each PCI pump, also kits ready to go, including nozzles, pipes and pipe supports.

Technical Features

Supply Voltage:230V~ 50Hz
Noise level:<75 dB
Max peak pressure:150 bar
IP Protection:IPX5
Service class:S1
Working temperature:0-50°C
Insulation class:F
Inlet pressure:1 bar minimum



Flow rate (L/min)

Pressure (bar)

Weight (kg)

Dimensions (mm)

Power (KW)

909901IC0,5 – 10-10018454x208x1880,75
909902IC1 – 1.80-10018454x208x1080,75
909904IC2 – 40-10022481x232x1961,5
909906IC3 – 60-10022481x232x1961,5
909908IC4 – 80-10022481x232x1961,5

Models Available



909901ICPCI Pump 1L/min 230VAC 0,75KW
909902ICPCI Pump 2L/min 230VAC 0,75KW
909904ICPCI Pump 4L/min 230VAC 1,5KW
909906ICPCI Pump 6L/min 230VAC 1,5KW
909908ICPCI Pump 8L/min 230VAC 1,5KW


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