Cooling air conditioners, chillers, refrigerators with misting systems

precooling-external-unit-conditionerThe MGF misting systems are more and more frequently used for pre-cooling the incoming air of the outdoor units of air conditioners. In this way you get a higher efficiency and a lower energy consumption.

MGF misting systems are installed on large industrial refrigeration plant and air conditioning systems and their versatility also allows to use them in small household systems.

By being able to manage the temperature and humidity levels using an evolved as sophisticated electronic control system, our systems are able to work autonomously thus ensuring maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

In these contexts, in fact, it is essential to activate the nebulization only when it is really necessary, and that is when the ambient temperature becomes too high because the air conditioner can ensure optimal cooling power.

The sprayed water against the fins of the heat exchangers, drastically lowering the temperature of the coolant and thereby increasing the cooling capacity. Also it is very important to highlight that the sprayed water will evaporate immediately and for this reason there will be no need for storage tanks and recirculation.

cooling-external-unit-conditioner-with-cool-mist-MGFThis aspect is of fundamental importance because they are thus removed all the risks associated with the proliferation of bacteria, such as Legionella, allowing so to comply health and hygiene regulations.

The real advantages are significant and very significant:

  • energy savings: in fact, the refrigerant circuit works with a condensation temperature lower, and therefore the heat exchange is more efficient and the energy for the refrigeration cycle is reduced.
  • reduction of operating costs: the greater efficiency of the refrigeration cycle generated by nebulization leads to a safe reduction of operating costs, especially during the summer season. In addition, reduced process downtime due to heat. An example of a data center air-stationary due to overheating of the server!
  • greater efficiency of the system: it is in fact required a lesser amount of energy to achieve the same cooling effect.
  • noise reduction: the compressor must perform work less, thanks to lower air temperature at the outdoor unit.
  • reduction of water consumption: with fine water spray at the entrance of the heat exchanger, all water is evaporating
  • No Legionella risks


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