Cooling pigs: misting MGF for disinfection and wellness for pigs farms

Cooling pigs is a must for every farmer during summer: the problem of heat stress is a phenomenon that occurs during summer season and leads the animals to lower their body temperature.

Even pigs are subjected to that, in fact, to an experienced eye can hardly escape the alarm signals launched by the animals. Observing their behavior we will immediately see the difficulty breathing, increased respiratory rate and breathlessness. As a stop gap measure, pigs seek refreshment in the pools of water, where available, and thanks to

the evaporation process their body temperature is lowered.

Even eating behaviors are affected and altered by the increased stress, animals ingest less food to decrease the amount of calories and this causes weight loss in fattening pigs and a lower milk production for sows. Of course, this imbalance is reflected in the smaller pigs, more vulnerable and likely to become ill.

All this, causing serious harm to the animals, turns into a substantial economic loss to the farmer, who sees his daily value of investment decreased.

Thank to MGF misting systems it is possible to face the big problems caused by heat stress. The obtained results are of great interest and benefit, the reduction of the temperature leads in fact immediate benefit to the animal and enables it to start again its natural cycle.

The controlled management of temperature and humidity, the ability to automate the operation of the system, which allows you to spray inside most piggeries at the same time, allows the breeder to save time while preserving the life of the animals and its investment.

Our misting systems, thanks to the controlled dosing systems, also allow to spray with water chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting livestock, drastically reducing the cost of management and labor and optimizing the processing times.

  • It does not wet the animal
  • Major food ingested by animals
  • Automatic disinfection: reduction of labor costs

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