Humidification:MGFTools misting humidifier 100% Italy made

Misting humidifiers in pills

Humidifier for greenhouse: MGFTools misting systems for humidification
Humidifier for greenhouse: MGFTools misting systems for humidification

MGFTools misting system can be easily used for humidification. In fact we provide not only misting pumps and nozzles, but also misting controllers designed for humidification.

Thanks to our misting systems, you will be able to control the relative humidity in your greenhouse, farm, factory or house without any issue.

What is the relative humidity?

Relative humidity is a percentage index that expresses the amount of water vapor present in the air relative to maximum amount of water that this volume of air might contain.

This index we hear about every day is of fundamental importance in several fields. In fact, the humidity control improves wellness of humans, animals, plants and cultures and influences the productivity in different industries. Thus, choosing the proper humidifier is very important.

Misting humidifiers: misting systems used as humidifiers

Misting systems, as well as for cooling, are successfully used for humidification, a crucial parameter for the productivity in various processes.

Misting humidifiers in paper industry, wood and textiles

Too dry air, in fact, worsens the quality of the product obtained, increasing the percentage of waste: too dry paper it is broken during processing. The same goes for the yarn. A suboptimal wood humidity leads to crack or bend.

Misting humidifiers in cold rooms for storage of food

The maintenance of high levels of relative humidity preserves stored food from weight losses and reduces the deterioration of the products themselves. Our systems humidify successfully refrigerators containing apples, fish, screws, meat … etc …

Humidifiers in steel industry and plastics

Even in these cases the humidity control allows you to achieve an improvement in the performance and quality of the product produced.

Humidifiers in printing and digital printing

Keeping optimal humidity in the printing press systems improves the efficiency of the process on several fronts. The correct environmental humidity in fact reduces the waste of printing (unless the paper is torn, resulting more flexible). The paper also is a strongly hygroscopic material and for this reason it is sensitive to changes in relative humidity, against which it expands and contracts. To overcome this problem it is certainly useful to adjust the press machinery , but the humidity control eliminates this problem. The humidification system also reduces the electrostatic charges improving the quality of printing and reducing the risk of fire caused by electrostatic charges that are formed during the drag of the paper.

Misting systems in electrical and electronics industry (reduction of electrostatic charges)

The fog breaks down and reduces static electricity, making production processes more reliable, it also reduces the presence of manufacturing errors.

Humidifiers in greenhouse for berry crops or mushroom growing

The crops are more productive if you reach and maintain an optimal moisture content, recreating the atmosphere of the undergrowth

Humifiers to improve human wellness

The humidification, aimed at maintaining an optimal level of humidity, it is also crucial in domestic / civil. It is well known that the maximum hygrometric comfort is obtained for relative humidity values ​​comprised between 40% and 60%.

In general, diseases resulting from too low relative humidity are varied, including dermatitis, dry mucous membranes, hair dryness, conjunctivitis…

The mucous membranes of the respiratory tract is kept moist to perform a filtering action of the inspired air, protecting the lungs from pollen, particulates, bacteria and viruses.

During the process of inhalation, the air that passes through the respiratory ducts is humidified to saturation and in this state reaches the pulmonary alveoli, protecting them from diseases. In case of a low air humidity, the ciliated bodies may dry and not be able to fulfill their filtering function.

We should not forget that the relative humidity influences the perceived temperature too, affecting thermo hygrometric wellness of individuals. Hence the importance of environments humidifying.

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