MGF adiabatic coolers for air conditioners, chillers and refrigerators

MGF misting systems for adiabatic cooling of air conditioners and refrigeratorsAs is known the high summer temperatures worsen the performance of refrigerators and chillers up to make it impossible to have adeguate heat exchange. In the worst conditions of the refrigeration systems are stopped due to poor cooling of the refrigerant.

For this reason more and more of business put in place measures aimed at improving the efficiency of air conditioners. Among many solutions one of the most effective is the use of MGF adiabatic coolers that allow, at low cost, to greatly enhance the performance of refrigeration cycles.


The high pressure misting technology makes it possible to obtain the typical benefits of water cooling systems, without any special inconvenience or high energy consumption.


MGF Adiabatic Coolers Main FeaturesAdiabatic pre cooling of chillers with MGF misting systems

The atomization of water into fine mist allows quick
evaporation of water: in this way the heat exchanger of the chiller receives cooler air, up to 15 degrees, but is not wet, or wet is less compared to conventional spray systems. In this way reducing deposits, improves heat transfer and prevents the formation of bacteria.

The complete evaporation of water mist allows wide economies: the water that falls on the ground does not cool. This is a significant detail when you consider that the biggest cost, both in terms of installation and management, is water treatment and not spraying.

The floor around the unit remains dry, thus reducing waste and the risk of the formation of bacteria.

The complete water evaporation generates substantial reductions of the temperature, up to 15 ° C or more in dry environments. Indeed, the process of adiabatic cooling in this case can be pushed up to saturation conditions.

Misting is not placed in direct contact with the machine, so eliminating the deposits of limestone and other minerals.


MGF adiabatic cooler for air conditionersKey Benefits for those who choose MGF Adiabatic Coolers 

Lower energy consumption: the cooling system in fact requires less operating time if the cooling of the condenser is based on higher delta temperature.

Lower installation costs: the MGF adiabatic coolers ensure an optimal temperature even in summer, when the heat loads are higher, and therefore the air conditioning or refrigerator is able to develop its nominal cooling capacity, without the need to oversize it.

Lower maintenance costs: the compressors are working in project conditions and are subjected to less effort, so they require less maintenance

Less downtime: when the temperature difference is no longer adequate, the refrigerating machine crashes, with damages are often difficult to quantify, if we consider the preservation of food or a shopping mall air conditioning.

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