Your simple misting controller: iTimer by MGFTools

Simple misting controller: MGFTools iTimer
Simple misting controller: MGFTools iTimer

iTimer is more than a timer. Thanks to the experience in the misting field, MGF made a convenient and complete system for the following applications:

  • Cooling
  • Humidification
  • Dust removal
  • Odor removal 
  • Disinfection

Programmable electronic device via a man-machine, composed of a two-digit numerical display and three buttons. It is possible to manage a series of parameters, display data coming from the pump (pressure) and drive two electrical devices (pumps, solenoid valves …).

What features make iTimer a so special misting controller

iTimer is a simple misting controller

Easy to install, just a few minutes and you can start your misting system

Many indispensable functions not included in timers with the same price. Much higher value for a cheap misting controller like iTimer

Volume discounts dedicated to distributors and installers

iTimer is a complete misting controller


Controller at the same time a misting pump and an auxiliary device (discharging valve, dosing pump, …). It can be used with many MGFTools misting systems, not only a misting pump, also a mist generator as Foggy.

Monitoring the working pressure it shut down the system safely in case of

Monitoring temperature and humidity, allow the misting system to be operated as humidification system, cooling system…

iTimer is a sturdy and robust controller

IP55 BOX protected against water and dust
Industrial screw connectors for wiring
32bit Oversized microprocessor


3 buttons, 3 led and a big clearly visible display
Rich documentation
Screw terminal easy to connect

temporizzatore controllo umidità e allarmi iTimer

Main features   

  • 3 buttons, simple and intuitive, from the first use
  • IP55 electric protection, protected from water and powder
  • Simple and clear, with colored led and big display 

 iTimer, was designed by MGF engineers, for timing misting applications with the control of the pumps and of the misting device. 

Production is made 100% in Italy in MGF offices, to ensure: 

  • security of the device and thus more safety for the user 
  • quality assurance
  • support before and after sale from who physically designed the product

iTimer can be used also for generic timing applications, compatible with the device.

Get in contact with your sales representative: MGF organisation for misting distribution

Technical Features

Power supply:230 VAC – 50Hz ±10%
Max output current: 6A
Max Inrush:15A (3s / 30s)
Max switching: > 950000 cicles
Protection: 10A delayed fuse
Electric protection:IP55
Weight:0,30 Kg 
Dimensions: 105 x 70 x 50 mm 


909997 iTimer 

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