iTimer Upgrade – discover the version 1.6 of iTimer firmware and news

Is available the version 1.6 of the firmware for iTimer

These novelties
  1. Add memory for monostable/bistable input:
    • monostable -> when you get the consent (from a switch, plc, programmer, machine, photocell), misting is active. As soon as the consent stops, misting goes off (the two-position ON and OFF switch is a monostable contact example). The start button operation is bypassed
    • bistable -> as in previous versions, the state of misting changes when it receives a pulse with a minimum duration of 100ms
  2. Added memory for missing working hours at the oil change
  3. Added oil change reset routine
  4. Added monostable / bistable setting routine
  5. Added routine that checks every millisecond if the pump is on and stores minutes of actual work
  6. Display the number of hours missing from maintenance: 9.9 if > 99, number from 1 to 99 if they miss less than 99 hours, 0 if maintenance is required, this value is displayed for 3 seconds after the version, when switching on the panel
  7. WARNING! in the update procedure, you must format the flash memory by pressing the UP button at power up
  8. In the case of monostable setting, machine status is NOT stored for safety and synchronization issues

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