Misting used in industry: cooling, humidification, watermist, dedust..

nebulizer-fan-for-cooling-of-the-workplaceThe misting is also for customers in the industrial field: cooling (foundries, plastic molding, steel industry, food industry…), humidification (cold storage, food industry, textile industry, paper industry …), dust suppression (wood, concrete, ceramic industry, quarries), odor control (water purification systems, chemical industry…). 

The cooling of the working environment is made ​​compulsory by the laws on health and safety at the workplace, with particular reference to the optimal temperature and humidity.

Not only. The cooling of the products during the processes is used to improve the product quality and reduce scrap obtained. We have examples of this effect in different sectors: from steel industry, to food industry.

Maintaining proper humidification preserves the freshness of the food without drying extending the storage time. The humidification, in fact, reduces the loss of weight of foods and maintains unaltered even then the economic value.

As for the dust removal, fall into play the legal requirements relating to safety at work and environmental protection. Insight: applications of spraying to reduce fine dust.

By analogy, the environment and the neighborhood, even under the current law, requires break down odors. Insight: the uses of misting to reduce odors

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