Humidification of fruits, meat, fish. Stop dehydration with MGF System


Keeping a good humidification preserves the freshness of the food, prevents dehydration and makes storage longer.
Humidification, in fact, reduces the loss of weight of foods, and keeps unchanged the same economic value.
In the food industry, you can get excellent results, thanks to MGF misting systems used for manage and control humidification in specific environments.

 An example is given by the cold storage of large amounts of food.

MGF, as a manufacturing company is able to offer custom applications that perfectly integrate into existing refrigeration systems. Humidifying in a well-controlled way means extending and improving the process of food preservation, as time and cooling equipment tend to dry and dehydrated.


Preserve freshness, appearance, and then the goodness from your food in a natural way, then make them healthier without changing the economic value!

Icontrol allows a simple interface with industrial machines, even with the Modbus RTU protocol, and corrects the value of the relative humidity as a function of temperature, which is essential for the correct calculation of the humidity.

MGF misting systems provide humidification in a proper manner to ensure a safe advantage for various production processes.
Consider, for example, in food, a particular culture in a greenhouse or basement that preserves precious barrels of excellent wine.

Each application is different and requires different and very specific weather conditions. Thanks to the electronic management of our systems, it is possible to specify the desired settings of temperature and humidity and the system will then be able to work individually.

Relative humidity for optimum production process

(Source: the manual of the mechanical engineer  – Hoepli)

The following table shows an example of the activities in which a lack of humidity control can be a cost to society in many of these cases it is not possible to use alternative humidification systems (steam) for obvious reasons.


Optimal Humidity


Maturation of fresh meat80%The meat keeps well and does not change color
Storing frozen90%

The frozen product keeps its properties

Fresh fruits80-90%The fruit lasts longer and will not dry
Egg Warehouse80%Better preservation of freshness
Seasoning75%Best flavor and quality of the product
Typography, paper70%Waste reduction
Box production70%
Easier bending and less waste
Spinning and weaving70%Waste reduction











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