Fog cooling in restaurants, gardens, patios: discover MGF technology

Fog-cooling-restaurants-gardens-patios-discover-MGF-technologyThe summer fogging is used by restaurants, holiday cottages, hotels, clubs and resorts to make more pleasant the stay of their customers:

The benefits that a MGF cooling system can bring to bars and restaurants owners are varied and allow a short break-even for the investment:


  • More favorable microclimate: customers will be more likely to consume if the ambient temperature is lower
  • Thermo hygrometric wellness: during the summer season the traditional air conditioning systems tend to dry out the air, causing respiratory diseases and disorders, dry skin and hair.
  • Nebulisation of pleasant aromas: sometimes sprayed aromas similar to products sold (eg coffee in a bar) to exercise a call olfactory very effective. In other cases, sprayed herbs that are known to stimulate the appetite in restaurants. In the clubs are used instead the most glamorous or trendy flavors to create a more exclusive atmosphere. Consider, for example, to retail of known brands of fashion, who sprayed perfume into their stores.
  • Removal of insects: any restaurant or bar in the evenings, which has experienced the presence of insects reduces the presence of a range of customers more sensitive to insect stings (example: families with small children or the elderly). Being able to ward off insects and alleviate this disorder involves definitely an added value for customers and present attractive for customers who have yet to choose
  • Deodorization. Misting even only water, as is known, has a beneficial effect on the air surrounding. The fog is in fact a real natural filter against fine dust and against odors. With beneficial an impact on their business.
  • Attracting customers. The fogging is an attractive element to the places open to the public: we have verified this with our clients owners of bars, restaurants and ice cream shops. If the outdoor is nebulized, there is a greater influx of customers.

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