High pressure misting system for disinfection tunnels

Discover our misting solutions for disinfection

Foggy disinfection machine
Foggy disinfection machine by MGFTools

Disinfection tunnels and other disinfection machines made in Italy by MGFTools share our know how, in high pressure misting and ultrasonic misting.

Our disinfection machines and disinfection tunnels include the top class technology to provide safe, silent, efficient and fast disinfection.

Our chemicals range all covering all the needs for your disinfection solutions.

Disinfection Tunnels

Disinfection tunnels are required during the COVID-19 emergency to sanitize people at the entrance of shopping malls, shops, offices…

Many disinfection tunnels are offered on the market.

Our high pressure misting disinfection tunnels are generating a ultra fine mist and saving disinfection chemical.

What makes MGFTools disinfection tunnels so special?

Dooroty disinfection tunnel by MGFTools
Dooroty disinfection tunnel by MGFTools

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