Misting men: outdoor cooling, fire fighting, humidification, aromas…

Village-with-MGF-cooling-systemOur cooling systems in civil cooling, humidification, fire fighting (watermist).

Our misting systems have been installed for many years in private gardens, restaurants, pools and satisfy our customers both for cooling, to remove insects, for aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

In homes, offices and museums, water nebulization is used to control the environmental humidity , in order to improve the people wellness . The installation takes place inside the air handling unit (AHU) and allows you to create an invisible system that adds moisture to the air environment when it is too dry, such as in the winter.

The water mist misting systems are used very effectively in confined spaces such as garages, libraries, parkings… in these contexts, the advantage of using nebulization to tame the fire is particularly evident.

The most common use of water mist in homes, restaurants, bars, resorts, railway stations and subways, airports is of course to refresh the outdoors, thus misting is often called “outdoor cooling”. The very fine mist is produced by our high pressure pumps, through the spray nozzles, in fact , it evaporates very quickly without falling to the ground, and during the evaporative process removes heat from the surrounding environment to change water status from liquid to vapor .

At the same time, thanks to the dosing pumps, our customers can inject natural essences in the fresh fog that envelops their garden, removing the most annoying insects such as flies and mosquitoes.

In the most prestigious resort , however, the natural essences incorporated in fog, combined with appropriate light effects, create special effects, relaxing atmosphere that invigorate the body and soul. We’re talking about aromatherapy and chromotherapy. Thanks to the water spray in SPA’s can be mixed or alternated hot and cold treatment with water, as suggested in the ‘ Kneipp path ‘ .

Regarding the adiabatic humidification, the water misting allows to increase the moisture levels in closed environments, bringing the relative humidity in the parameters of thermo hygrometric wellness. Well known technical standards and medical researches inform that too low relative humidity levels are detrimental to the health of living beings, particularly low environmental humidity leads to:

  • excessive dehydration
  • dryness of the skin
  • brittle hair
  • problems of the mucous membranes of the nose
  • lung problems
  • eye problems

Obviously our body put in place defense mechanisms to remedy too low humidity levels, but it’s better to fix it. The optimum moisture content for the human body , it is usually around 50% , the optimal range is from 40% to 60 % .

On the fire fighting side, by spraying fine droplets with watermist technology, allows you to extinguish fires attacking the triangle of combustion from two different points: the cooling and smothering the flame.

In fact, the water vapor occupies a volume about 1000 times greater than the volume occupied by the same quantity of water in the liquid phase , and this volume is not anymore available to the oxygen necessary for combustion.

The advantages resulting from the technology watermist are:

  • reduction of the quantity of water required, and therefore lower costs of the sprinkler system, thanks to smaller pipes and water tanks of smaller size
  • reducing the time required to extinguish the fire
  • absence of damage typically caused by water extinguishers , such as nozzles and sprinklers 


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