Cooling control system, humidification and odour removal with iControl

Programmable-supervision-system-iControl-MGFiControl is the innovative system of supervision for nebulizers designed and produced by MGF.

With this system it is possible to monitor the environmental conditions and check the sprinkler system in an intuitive and intelligent way.

Intuitive: in fact, the parameters are set via a rotary knob that will not make you regret the obsolete operator interfaces button. The setting is done so in the most natural possible way and you do not need to perform any operation to store the data.

Intelligent: all the useful functions for spraying are integrated in this little device: bleeding procedures of the nozzles, planned maintenance of the pumps, management system based on heat index, scientific parameters that take into account the temperature and the humidity simultaneously.


Where to use I Control

iControl is standard on PC Comfort misting pump (Misting Pump PC Comfort: the best choice for your best misting system)  that exploits its full potential, but can also be used on other MGF products:

  • Atom Pumps
  • Dosing Pumps
  • Foggy
  • Nebula Pumps
  • Zonal solenoid valves

Essential features included in iControl


  • State memory power plant in case of current interruption
  • State of the dosing pump in case of current interruption
  • Smooth management of the display and knobs, made ​​with rotary encoders
  • Intelligent management of the setting of time in the timer function
  • Ability to use aromas in the timer function
  • Aromadosage proportional to pump speed (more accurate dosage)

Minimal end modern design: it can be adapted to all environments.


Waterproof front: protected from splashes and dust.

Coated aluminum frame: ideal for outdoor environments.

Dima for installation: easy to mount on a wall or boxes type 503.

Step concealed cable in raceway: simple and flexible.

Set the template and connect the cable, enter iControl and screw: quick.




terminal-back-iControlModbus RTU standard: high level standard communication.

Connection to domotics via terminal dry contact: simple and universal.

Connection to MGF products RJ45 type: simple to assemble.

Backup battery for data memory and time: complete.

Power on indicator: simple diagnostics.



909993iControl – supervision system
iControl Technical features
Humidity Range0-99%
Humidity Resolution0,1% (± 3,5%)
Temperature-40 / 110 °C
Temperature resolution0,1 °C (± 0,5°C)
Analog Inputs / Outputs0-5 VDC
Digital outputsTransistor NPN
Programme memory8Kb


Remote control , usable on iControl and other MGF devices

Transmitter-for-remote-control-MGF-program-the-code-whitout-opening-itThe programming of the code does not require the opening of the box.

You can use many remote controls with one receiver.

Extremely reduced dimensions: possibility to use in all conditions

IP67 protection: guarantee against dust, water and humidity

Battery 2 x CR2016

Flow 50m in spazio aperto

Frequency AM 433.92 MHz

Code combinations 4096

Dimensions 32 x 68 x 12 mm

Weight 16 g


Receiver for remote control

Receiver-for-remote-control-can-be-connected-to-iControl-or-DigimistThe receiver can be interfaced to iControl or Digimist (in this case can control 2 different functions)

Modern and discreet: installation possibilities in all contexts

Different modes of power supply: flexibility of use.


Supply: 12/24V AC/DC

Frequency: AM 433.92 MHz

Code combinations: 4096

Maximum Load contacts: 1A resistivi

Dimensions: 42 x 88 x 32 mm

Weight: 45 g


710077Radio trasmitter 2 channels
710078Radio receiver 2 channels
909995Kit trasmitter + riceiver


Chip for updating iControl software

Chip-for-updating-software-iControl-for-misting-pumpsCan easily be inserted in a socket, you can update the firmware to the latest version available in a few seconds and no cables or software upgrade are necessary.

Updating firmware without programming: simple and fast. Without a PC.

Sending back the old chip the cost of the hardware will be refunded : the update is free.


757998Microchip for iControl update


Supply and interface for ATOM, NEBULA, Solenoid valves

Supply-and-interface-for-atom-misting-pump-nebula-pump-solenoid-valves-andIt make possible to connect I control to several PC COMFORT devices.

It gives power to l’iControl and to the included contactor.

IP67 Protection: guarantee against dust, water and humidity

Simple installation: only 4 wires


Supply 230V~50Hz , 15W

Maximum Load 16A resistivi

Dimensions 100 x 100 x 50 mm


909994iControl power supply and interface


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