Misting in Agriculture: use to cool, disinfect, humidify farms and…

cooling-cattles-barn-with-mgf-misting-systemsWater spray in agriculture: animal cooling in farms, disinfection of farms, odor reduction, humidification of the greenhouses and cold storage for vegetables.

 In agriculture, our customers reduce costs and increase the yield of their activities as using the misting system for: cooling of animals, against the thermal stress; disinfection of farms and odor abatement.

Discover the full range MGF for water spraying. Solve your problems with cooling your farms and milking rooms. Check and adjust the relative humidity in the cold room. Shoot down the dust and odors thanks to appropriate chemicals. Nebulizers MGF are constantly evolving to ensure the best result. Ask for a free offer.

The problem of thermal stress of farm animals is well known globally and treated by a number of university studies. In fact, the heat stress reduces the efficiency of livestock production in several ways: by the mortality of cattle and chickens, the lack of appetite (and subsequent weight loss)… In addition, heat stress causes a decline in fertility and worsens the process of growth of young cattle.

The cooling is a practical and economical solution for the reduction of temperature on farms and consequently to reduce the problems caused by the excessive heat during the summer season.

By mixing appropriate disinfectant products, the water fog is able to carry out disinfection of rearing environments, particularly those most sensitive or prone to infections: milking parlor, waiting rooms, battery farming of chickens, piggeries. Also in this case the systems nebulizers MGF allow, at reduced costs, to perform those operations of disinfection usually carried out with the intervention of an operator.

Other types of chemicals can be used for the reduction of odors from sewage plants, from organic waste and excrement. The odor neutralizers, mixed with water in the fog, before exiting from the nozzles, act by reacting with the molecules that cause odors resulting molecules creating more pleasant smell or neutral feedback.

Even in agriculture humidification is important:

  • for certain crops, such as mushrooms or berries, in mushroom greenhouses recreating in the same relative humidity of undergrowth improves productivity without any doubt.
  • for the preservation of vegetable and fruit inside the refrigerated cells, keeping optimum levels of relative humidity necessary to maintain the product in the correct state of conservation, avoiding dehydration. 

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