MGF technology for humidification advantage for the production process

MGF-pump-air-humidification-treatmentMGF is now able to provide all the necessary technology for humidification, from the production of small domestic installations to large industrial facilities with high water flow rates up to 300 L / hour .

Our components include nozzles, hoses, fittings, pumps and electronic control systems, all tailored to the achievement of humidification systems environments.

These MGF misting systems provide humidification in a proper manner to ensure a safe advantage for various production processes.

Consider, for example, in food, in a particular culture in a greenhouse or in a cave that preserves precious barrels of very good wine.

In cold storage facilities without misting systems vegetables tend to dry out, lose value.
In our air ducts nozzles help to control the relative humidity of houses, museums and offices.


Our misting nozzles allow high evaporation yield, up to 99% of the misted water is in fact able to evaporate, thereby reducing the waste of water and the formation of the bacteria. In addition, the production of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 enables compliance with the strictest hygiene standards. The nozzles can be placed on overhead lines or inside the air handling unit and this is the best energy system for wet environments: the required energy is actually 3W per liter/hour, considerably less than the energy necessary to further humidification systems using, for example, steam or ultrasound.

Several systems of pipes, pipe multilayer stainless steel ones, can satisfy all installation requirements of the market.

Our pumps, modulated or not, have been designed to operate at rated pressure of 100 bar, which allows the formation of a fine mist making the nozzle efficient. This is very important because in humidifying the environment, the water that falls on the ground is lost and does not contribute to humidity control.


Each application is different and requires different and very specific weather conditions. Thanks to the electronic management of our systems, it is possible to specify the desired settings of temperature and humidity, and the system will be able to work individually.

iControl systems easy allows the interface with industrial machines, even with MODBUS-RTU and corrects the value of the relative humidity as a function of temperature, which is essential for the correct calculation of the humidity.

MGF, as a manufacturing company is able to offer custom applications that easily integrate into existing refrigeration systems.
Humidify in a  well-controlled manner, means to extend and improve the process of food preservation, that time and cooling equipment tend to dry and dehydrated.


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