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Since 1990. Cooling, humidification, dust control, odor controls, disinfection, landscaping


Misting is an effective system for evaporative cooling (adiabatic cooling), reducing the air temperature up to 15 °C. It's used to cool down temperature in agricolture and industry


MGFTools high pressure misting systems are used all over the world for air humidification. From the design to the realization of the humidification system our specialists will guide you through the optimal solution

Emissions Control

The MGFTools high pressure rotating heads and fixed misting systems are used effectively to reduce fine particles, control emissions and eliminate bad odors. We are the specialist in high pressure misting


Our misting systems are used in disinfection tunnels and sanitizing portals. Our disinfection specialists will advise you on the best disinfectants based on the pathogen to be eliminated

Landscaping and
scenic effects

Our misting system has literally painted wonderful landscapes and scenic effects all over the world. Automation has been integrated with very complex systems

WE ARE SPECIALISTS IN HIGH PRESSURE MISTING by MGFTools specializes in high pressure misting systems and automation. There are 3 main reasons to choose Discover them:

Sistema di nebulizzazione automatizzato per depolverazione

Misting controllers

MGFTools is designing and customizing the automation systems for the most demanding customers of the misting system. In this way we create efficient and intelligent nebulization systems, interconnected, able to satisfy 100% of customer needs

Pompe per nebulizzazione MGF

Top Class Pumps

Our top class pumping units mixing high quality components with sensors and robust assembly are ensuring low noise, high availability and low maintenance costs. Our wide range allows high flexibility and low costs

Misting controller MGFTools

100% Made in Italy

The whole range is made in Italy, in our factory. We manufacture all the parts. Pumping units, fittings, automation and sensors. This means rapid system improvement and 100% in-depth knowledge and knowledge. This way we can solve your misting problem better and faster

MGFTools misting systems are very flexible. They also ensure fast delivery and affordable costs
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MGFTools has been producing professional misting systems since 1990

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